Thursday, February 7, 2013

Give Jalin a camera and this is what happens. I love her so much for being so silly. It makes me smile. Hope you enjoy! (oh, she caught me and Aubrey, too)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Even more Camp Wooten pics, did you know the Clifton family has been genetically overachieving since like 1932 or something??? unbelievable. really. they have. my kids included!

More Camp Wooten, did I mention this is a biannual (does that mean every other year?) event in eastern Washington. Brent's family rents out a campground and we get use of the cafeteria, kitchen, pool, cabins, everything. It's pretty cool and the kids have soooo much fun it's ridiculous!!!

Some of the pictures from the hike. A-mazing. Makes me almost wish I could go hiking with bears and cougars lurking around every corner. Glad the boys get some bonding time.

Brent and Dan on the brothers' Whitemarsh annual hiking trip. 2010.